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About Our Program

As an ethical livestock breeder, we have several goals for our dogs:

  1. Genetics - We test for undesirable traits and actively cull them from our breeding program.
  2. Work Ethic - We need dogs that want to work all of our livestock, from sheep to cattle and poultry to pigs.
  3. Personality - We want dogs that make great companions and get along with everyone.

To achieve these goals, we have the following policies for all of the breeding dogs and puppies:

  • We test for any genetic traits necessary to improve our breeds for working farms (e.g. MDR-1).
  • We microchip all animals before they leave the farm, as we accept responsibility for the life of each of our dogs.
  • We begin training the puppies as soon as their eyes are open and continue through one year.
  • We socialize all of our animals in the farmhouse to make them friendly and approachable.
  • We make sure that animals behave themselves in public: no crowding, pulling, jumping, or barking.
  • We spay and neuter animals that do not meet our genetic, professional, or personal standards for breeding.