About Border Collies

Border Collies

Border Collies were bred to herd livestock. In competitions, they are expected to herd cattle, sheep, and ducks. On a farm or ranch, they may demonstrate additional proclivities for herding other animals, from goats to pigs to emu.

Unfortunately, not every dog has the innate drive to pursue every type of animal. Ample training may be able to overcome such shortcomings, but it will be easier to find a dog that demonstrates interest herding them. Obviously, we cannot determine in advance how a given puppy will react when those instincts become activated (around 10-12 months of age). 

Without livestock, a Border Collie may resort to herding you, your family, or your other pets. If they do not have enough mental stimulation, they can begin to nip at your heels, chew indiscriminately on your belongings, or otherwise make themselves an enormous problem.

As a consequence, we will not place our Border Collie puppies in non-working homes. They need the stimulation of working around livestock on a daily basis in order to mature into a mentally stable dog. It doesn't take much, but they need it every day. Once mature, our dogs may be placed as pets, if their owners find they have trouble doing their job and return them to us.